Tideview Cider


Tideview Vintage Cider is handcrafted in the
Annapolis Valley. We use heirloom apple varieties that are grown by Noggins Corner Farm in Greenwich. Our ciders are bubbly, clear, and range from bone dry to sweet. Very refreshing! With lower alcohol than most wines.

Tideview Ciders:
• go well as an aperitif, with a meal, or simply on their own
• are made from local, heirloom apple varieties
• are a delicious and refreshing alternative to beer and wine

How we make it:
John Brett, cider maker, selects the best vintage apple varieties and presses them to make pure cider. Then, the pure apple cider is slowly fermented and aged in large tanks under cool conditions throughout the winter which allows the flavours to develop. In late May and June the ciders are blended. We then lightly carbonate and bottle. We use a very gentle pasteurization process developed by the cider industry in the UK. This means we do not have to add sulfites and sorbates (preservatives) at bottling time.

Reviving a Tradition
Tideview Vintage Cider revives a Nova Scotia tradition that began with French settlers in the 17th century. In fact, our cider terroir in the Annapolis Valley may be the oldest on the continent. We carefully craft our heritage apple varieties into premium ciders that are subtle yet complex, can be savored alone or as a perfect complement to light meals, cheeses, and especially seafood.

Our Varieties
Tideview has recently launched three different ciders, a Golden Russet Dry, a Heritage Semi-Dry and a Heritage Dry.

We craft our Golden Russet Dry in an authentic style much favored by English and French cider lovers. The superb golden russet apple bestows varietal character. Oak barrel maturation adds distinction. A fine cider to complement seafood and other delicately flavored cuisine. Lightly sparkling. Serve cool, not cold.

Our Heritage Semi Dry is perfect for a warm summer evening. A delicious blend of apples varieties including such exotics as Cox Orange Pippin and Elstar. Sweet fruit flavour is enhanced with our special juice concentrate added just before bottling. Lightly sparkling. Serve cool, not Cold.

Our Heritage Dry is a traditional dry cider with a distinctive Nova Scotia style. Golden Russet, Ribston Pippin and other heritage apples express their unique Annapolis Valley Character. Nicely balanced, with a zesty finish that pairs with seafood and many cheeses. Lightly sparkling. Serve Cool, not cold.

Tideview Cider is Sold at:
In addition to being available at Noggins Corner Farm Market, Tideview Cider can be purchased at the Halifax Seaport Market, Dartmouth Farm Market, Dartmouth Crossing Farm Market, Premier Wine & Spirits, Bishop's Cellar, Kristall & Luckett, Masstown Market, and NSLC outlets throughout the province. Also look for our ciders at selected restaurants and pubs.



Noggins Corner Farms Ltd., 10009 Hwy 1, Greenwich, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R2. ph: 902.542.5515, fx: 902.542.1791,