Beyond the Obvious

We grow amazing apples in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Many are rare, heirloom varieties, a living reminder of Nova Scotia’s old-time cider traditions. Noggins Cider  is handcrafted  from the fresh pressed juice of specially selected apples, fermented slowly, blended with care.  Just like fine wines. Sparkling, still, dry, or sweet, there is a Noggins Cider for just about every taste and occasion. So savour a bottle on its own, or as the perfect accompaniment to a meal.

Currently Brewing

Brilliant Pear:

We blend three varieties of our early and late-autumn pears to give our Brilliant Pear Cider extra character. Delicate pear flavours  linger long after every refreshing sip. This semi dry cider is the perfect accompaniment to a warm summer evenings spent with friends and family.

– Gluten Free –

Vintage Apple:

Our Vintage Apple Cider is a lightly sparkling, traditional cider with a distinctive Nova Scotia style. Golden Russet, Northern Spy and other heritage apples express their unique Annapolis Valley character. Our apples are grown, pressed and fermented on our farm in Greenwich Nova Scotia.  A cider that enhances food with delicate flavours such as seafood in cream sauce, roast chicken or mild cheeses.

– Gluten Free –